Give your Christmas tree some extra spice with these easy-to-sew gingerbread decorations


Transform your Christmas tree this year by handstitching a gingerbread man and his wife

To make Mr & Mrs Gingerbread decorations you will need:

* 22.8 x 30.5cm sheet of gold felt
* Four small red buttons
* Four small black buttons
* Red cotton embroidery thread
* Black cotton thread
* Red 6mm baby ric rac
* Red pompom trim
* Green pompom trim
* Red and white baker’s twine
* Soft toy filling
* Red and green gingham ribbon

Making the template
Using the image as a guide, draw and cut out the template for the gingerbread man measuring 11cm high x 10cm wide.

Cutting out

Gingerbread man: Place the template on to the felt, pin and cut out two pieces.

Gingerbread lady: Draw a skirt on the template, pin to the felt and cut out two pieces.

Making up

1 Taking the two front pieces, sew two red buttons to the centre and small black buttons on the faces for eyes. Backstitch both mouths using red thread and straight stitch the lady’s eyelashes with black.

2 On the lady, hand-sew the red ric rac and pompom trim to the skirt.

3 Cut 2 x 22cm lengths of twine. Loop over the ends and secure inside the top of the back pieces with small stitches.

4 Place the front and back pieces together wrong sides facing and blanket stitch around the edges with the red embroidery thread. Stuff with the filling as you sew.

5 Make two small bows from the ribbon. Sew the red bow to top of the lady’s head and the green bow to the man’s neck.

6 Put a length of green pompom trim around the lady’s waist and secure with a few small stitches.


Choose your own trim to match your Christmas colour theme.