Early November is all about cosying up on chilly nights and wrapping up warm. When it comes to Bonfire Night though, safety is very important and fireworks should be kept well away from the little ones in your life.

You can craft your own safe alternative to sparklers with this autumnal pinwheel and, with supervision, the kids can get involved in the making process too.

You will need:

    • Glitter paper
    • Ruler
    • Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Drawing pin
    • Patterned straw
    • Small bead
    • Glue

What you'll need for how to make a pinwheel | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft

How to make a pinwheel

1. Cut out a square on a piece of patterned paper, we used bright red glitter paper to add a bit of sparkle, measuring 12 x 12cm. It’s a good idea to remember that the thicker the paper, the stronger your pinwheel will be, but it needs to be thin enough for the drawing pin to pass through 5 layers and the straw.

How to make a pinwheel measurements | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft

2. Mark the centre of the square, measure in 5cm from each corner and cut along the lines.

Mark the corners on the pinwheel | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft

3. With right side up, begin folding the corners into the centre so that they overlap. Push the drawing pin through the four corners from the front and then, at the back, through the flattened end of the straw.

How to make a pinwheel using a thumbtack | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft
4. Secure the drawing pin with a small bead that fits and covers the point snuggly and, if necessary, glue into place.