The perfect project for our ‘Waste Not Want Not’ campaign. Here’s how to upcycle old T-shirts into pretty pompoms

How to make pompoms

Our fun how to make pompoms project is perfect for our ‘Waste Not Want Not’ campaign which has previously seen us turn an old jar into a mini spa and transform plastic bottles into soap dispensers.

We’ve also demonstrated how whip up a deliciously fragrant curry using a stock made from the leftovers of a lamb shoulder.

And now we’ll show you show a couple of old tops can become fabulous decorations for your home.

These pompoms will add a bright splash of colour to your interiors and you’ll only need to dig out three other materials from your craft stash to make them.

You will need:

  • Old T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard

Here’s how to upcycle old T-shirts into pretty pompoms in just 4 easy-to-follow stages.

1 Cut the body of your old T-shirt into 2cm strips, seam to seam, then neatly trim the seams off each end.

Cut two matching C-shapes out of cardboard, approximately 20cm in diameter – you could use a side plate to draw round.

How to make pompoms

2 Sandwich a strip of T-shirt between the two cardboard templates, so that the strip hangs out at each end. Wind the remaining strips around the templates, so that all of the card is covered – don’t pull the strips too tight or it will make the next step trickier.

How to make pompoms

3 Tie the two ends of the strip sandwiched between the templates together (don’t pull tight).

Slip the scissors between templates at one end and cut through the strips around the outside of the template – place a hand on top of template to keep strips from slipping out of place.

How to make pompoms

4 Now tighten the knot you tied in Step 3 as tight as you can, and then tie another knot to secure it.

Carefully lift away the card templates, fluff out the pompom and trim with scissors to neaten it up.