Give your Christmas tree a lovely rustic theme this year by making your own pleated ribbon decorations



Just a twist of ribbon makes stylish ribbon Christmas decorations. Our examples in shades of green and red look fantastic together.

For the first Christmas decorations choose contrasting beads, and for the second one use clashing ribbon patterns for a dramatic effect.

Gold or silver beads will give your decorations a special Christmas shine but red beads with a green ribbon are also very effective.

We love the bell on the end of each of the first Christmas tree decoration as when you brush past them they tinkle in a lovely festive way, what could be nicer?

Your own homemade Christmas tree decoration with the added bonus of a little tune too!

Children will love to help make both of these ribbon Christmas decorations and as they’re so simple they’ll be able to get great results in no time at all, leaving them with a real feeling of achievement!


  • Ribbon
  • 25cm elastic
  • 11 beads
  • Sewing needle
  • Small jingle bell


1. Cut the length of red elastic and tie a loop at one end for hanging.

2. Thread the elastic on to a needle, then thread on a bead, insert the needle into the ribbon, make a small loop and insert the needle again about 1cm.

3. Carry on alternating threading on beads, looping the ribbon and increasing the size of the loops each time.

4. Once you get to the end of the ribbon, thread on two beads and attach a jingle bell with a secure knot.

Make at least a trio of ribbon tree decorations to really show them off.

Handmade ribbon Christmas tree decorations look stunning and it’s worth taking the trouble to create some really special items. This trio of trees in red and green are a lovely combination and they’re so simple to make.

Once you’ve mastered the simple decorations above have a go with these detailed pleated ribbon Christmas decorations






    • 20cm of green, 2cm-wide ribbon


    • 1m of ribbon for the branches


    • 40cm of a thinner ribbon for hanging and the bow


    • Matching sewing threads



1. Fold the green ribbon in half, short ends together, and tack the ends together – this will be the tree trunk.

2. Cut 2 x 10cm lengths, 2 x 9cm lengths, 2 x 8cm lengths and 2 x 7cm lengths from your chosen ribbon for the branches.

3. Take your 10cm lengths and fold each piece in half. Place cut ends at an angle one on top of the other so that the folded ends become the ends of the branches. Sew to the trunk, 2cm up from the bottom.

4. Continue doing this, using the decreasing lengths until you reach the top.

5. When you have sewn all the branches, fold any leftover trunk at the top back behind itself and sew a bow at the top of the tree.

6. Fold the thin ribbon for hanging in half, and sew to the back of your trunk.