How to paint glass bottles and jars

Paint-sprayed bottles

Don’t throw away your empty bottles and jars, recycle them. Spray paint them in vibrant colours for a fantastic glass display. Great for keeping pens and pencils or for arranging flowers, they’re guaranteed to cheer up your home.

Use different shapes and sizes for a varied and more interesting display, and if you’re looking to jazz up dinner times then these make lovely tea light holders too.

When making the jars make sure to use the paint in a well ventilated room to avoid any fumes from the paint, we like making ours outdoors if the weather allows it.


  • Bottles or jars
  • Newspaper
  • Spray paint in white
  • Coloured spray paint of your choice


1. Prepare your glass for paint spraying by soaking off the labels, wash the bottles or jars and wipe dry.

2. Cover your work area with newspaper. Place your bottles upside down and, following the manufacturer’s instructions, spray a coat of white paint. Wait until dry before applying a second coat.

3. Once dry, take a coloured spray and aim it, at an angle, 10cm from the bottom. Cover about half the jar, aiming for a saturated look at the bottom, gradually getting lighter towards the top.