To add a crafty touch to your festive wrapping, we've got a lovely homemade Christmas tags project for you to have a go at

Homemade Christmas TagCombining papercraft and sewing, this is the ideal make to experiment with techniques and add a twist to traditional gift wrapping.

Once you’ve mastered the basic idea why not have a go at varying the garland illustrations? You could make baubles, candy canes or even little Santa hats – let your imagination run wild!


  • Scraps of co-ordinating fabric
  • Matching thread
  • Paper gift tags
  • Scissors
  • Tacky PVA glue
  • Pencil and paper


For your homemade Christmas tag you will need | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Sewing

1. Using a pencil, draw a stocking shape onto the paper and cut out to create the stocking template.

Christmas tag template | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Sewing

2. Taking your different fabric scraps, draw around the stocking fabric and cut out. Do this until you have four matching stockings or, if your gift tag is larger, you’ll need a couple more to fill the space.

Draw around the template | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Sewing

3. To create our stocking line-up, we turned the stocking template over on one of the fabrics, so that one of the stockings was going in the opposite direction to the others.

Cut out four stockings for the homemade Christmas tag | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Sewing

4. Using a small amount of Tacky PVA Glue, secure the stockings in place and allow to dry.

Glue the stockings to the gift tag | Woiman's Weekly | Craft | Sewing

5. Using the pencil, draw a very light line along the tops of the stocking as a stitch guide.

Set your sewing machine to a long straight stitch and sew along the line and then around the stockings themselves.

Sew the stocking onto the homemade christmas tag | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Sewing

6. Tie off all the thread tails and trim. If you want to write a personal message on your homemade Christmas tag, it’s a good idea to glue on a backing piece of plain paper to cover the stitches.

If not, we suggest using a thread colour for your bobbin that matches the colour of the tag, this way it will blend in.

Stocking style homemade christmas tag | Woman's Weekly | Crafts | Sewing

There you have it – a beautiful homemade gift tag, just perfect for adorning all sorts of presents!