Make sure you never forget those holiday snaps with our clever how-to guide on how to make your favourite photos into stunning cushions.


You won’t believe how easy it is, once you’ve made one you’ll be wondering why you haven’t made any before! If you’ve mastered the basic square shape you could always try rectangles, or even circles, to give your cushion collection a more eclectic and personal feel.

Whether you went to Margate or Mauritius, turn your photos into a statement cushion for your favourite armchair…


You will need:


    • White cotton or drill fabric


    • White thread



    • 23cm square feather cushion pad


    • A home computer with an inkjet colour printer


    • Iron and ironing board


    • Tape measure and pins


    • A pair of paper scissors and a pair of fabric scissors


How to transfer a photo onto fabric



1. Select a single favourite image and crop it into a square on your computer. Resize it to 22cm, ensuring the image’s resolution is 300dpi (dots per inch), to ensure it appears sharp. Flip the image so that it is mirrored using your computer programme or printer settings, then print onto a sheet of image transfer paper. Cut out, leaving a 5mm border all round.

2. Cut out your fabric to 27x55cm and sew a single hem along one of the short edges. Lay your fabric on your ironing board right side up, then place your printed image face down with the bottom of the image sitting 15cm up from the unhemmed short edge, ensuring it is equally spaced from the sides. Turn your iron to its hottest setting and run it over the paper for around 30-45 seconds, pressing down hard. Leave to cool for 5-10 minutes then carefully peel off.

3. Fold both ends of the fabric, sewn edge first, over the top of the image, until you have made it 23cm from top to bottom, with the pattern sitting equally spaced from either end. Once this is in place, press the edges flat with your iron.

4. Mark a line of pins 2cm in from either of the raw edges and sew down both lines with your sewing machine. Clip the corners and turn cushion right side out. Put in your cushion pad and pop it on your chair!