These jewellery how to tips will give you the best advice for creating your own accessories, from beading to wires it's so easy to do, once we've shown you how!


Adding jewellery to an outfit adds an instant touch of glamour and, when it’s jewellery you’ve made yourself, it makes it so special.

So follow our guide to jewellery making made simple and start crafting your own unique necklaces, bracelets and more.

Jewellery how to tips

Before you start threading your beads and jewels onto your wire, it’s a good idea to have a design in mind.

1. Lay out all your beads first

Place your beads in position so you can see how they look, this way making the jewellery will be quick and simple and you won’t have to undo your hard work or start over if you suddenly don’t like the design of your chosen style.

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2. Experiment with different materials

Jewellery can be made from all sorts of materials but many of us keep to beads and wire. To ring the changes, have a go at using different coloured buttons on thick thread or use a fabric backing for your beads to create a collar necklace.

3. Jump rings are a staple must-have

Jump rings join together the different elements of your jewellery without having to solder or weld, so make sure they’re strong and can withstand constant use. Just remember, when opening and closing jump rings, use two pairs of pliers to avoid stretching the wire out of shape.

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4. Measure your favourite jewellery pieces

f you’re not sure how long to make a bracelet or necklace, measure how long your favourite pieces are from your collection and stick to those lengths.

5. Never throw old jewellery away

Create a collection of old beads and jewels that you can use again for future jewellery making projects.

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