This pretty necklace really is easy to make, and we show you how here

Glamorous necklace

Have a go at  jewellery making and the rewards are: a craft technique you learn as you go along, you get to gather together tools you can use again and again in future projects and, best of all, jewellery making gives you the opportunity to make gifts for friends and family, as well as items for yourself.

For our jewellery making project, we suggest you choose beads in your favourite colour.


    • 8mm glass beads, approximately 150
    • Nylon-coated wire
    • Scissors
    • 6 crimp beads
    • Silver plated T-bar clasp
    • Two three-strand connector bars
    • 5mm silver-plated jump rings
    • Tray
    • Jewellery pliers
    • Blu-Tack


1. Cut your first length of nylon wire to your desired necklace length plus 10cm, the second length 1.5cm shorter than this and the third 1.5cm shorter still.

Thread each strand with your chosen beads, leaving 5cm unthreaded at each end, and secure the ends with small pieces of Blu-Tack so the beads don’t escape as you work. Lay the threaded strings on the tray and curve round as they will lie when wearing, to check they lie inside each other comfortably.

2. Starting with the shortest string of beads, thread a crimp bead onto one end, thread the wire through what will be the top hole of the three-strand connector bar, out and back though the crimp bead. Use pliers to pull the crimp bead tight up to the hole and then to squeeze it flat.

3. Repeat to attach the other end of the shortest string to the top hole of the other connector bar. In the same way, attach the middle-length string to the middle holes and the longest string to the bottom holes.

4. Use pliers to attach a jump ring onto each three-strand connector bar and both pieces of the T-bar clasp. Then join one connector bar to one of the sections of the T-bar clasp by using the pliers to join the jump rings on each piece together. Repeat on the other connector bar and the other part of the T-bar clasp. See below for opening and closing a jump ring.

To simplify this necklace for younger children to make, tie three strands of nylon thread together at one end, thread with beads, then knot the other ends. Tie a length of sheer ribbon onto each end and tie in a bow to fasten.

Jewellery clasp
Tip: Opening and closing a jump ring

Don’t be tempted to open a jump ring by pulling the ends outwards as this will weaken it and you won’t be able to return it to its original shape. Always use two pairs of pliers. We have used combination (snipe-nose) pliers and round-nose pliers.

1. To open a jump ring, grasp it on both sides with the pliers. Open the jump ring laterally, moving one end towards you and the other end away from you.Opening and closing a jump ring

2. To close a jump ring, gently press the ends together as you bring them past one another. Bring them back together gently, compressing them as you do it. When they come together a second time you should hear and feel a click, this tells you that the ring is closed with tension and will remain closed. If you don’t hear the click, pass the ends by one another again until you hear the click.