Create these etched-effect bowls and gift tags with air-drying clay, embossed with foliage or floral or alphabet rubber stamps

These little clay bowls are the perfect size for your dressing table; they’re great for putting earrings or delicate necklaces in. Our tags can be personalised to make a present for a loved-one that little bit extra special.

Finished size: Approx 9-15cm in diameter

You will need:

✤ 250g of white air-drying clay
✤ Rolling pin
✤ Alphabet rubber stamp printing kit or floral rubber stamp
✤ Shallow bowl about 9-15cm in diameter to use as a mould
✤ Cling film
✤ Small knife
✤ Fine sandpaper

500g pack of Das air-drying clay, £3.99, Fred Aldous (0161 236 4224; Hero Arts floral swirl vine rubber stamp, £9.25, Sir Stampalot (01733 324 007; Dormy rubber stamp printing kit, £14.66, Shoplet (0800 612 1152;

Making the bowl

If using the alphabet rubber stamp printing kit, fix the rubber type in the holder to spell out your message. With a rolling pin, roll the clay out flat to 5mm thick. Press the holder or a floral
rubber stamp on to the clay, then lift it off.

Line the inside of the bowl with cling film. Lift the clay and place it in the bowl, then gently press the clay up the sides of the bowl.

With a small knife, trim away the excess clay, level with the rim or below it. Smooth along the cut edge with a moistened finger. Set the bowl aside to dry.

When the top surface is dry, lift the clay bowl out of the mould. Leave to completely dry. Smooth the rim by running fine sandpaper over it.

Note: The clay bowl is delicate and for decorative use only. Do not use to hold food.

Clay bowls and tags


Finished size: 5-6cm

You will need:

✤ 250g of white air-drying clay
✤ Rolling pin
✤ Alphabet printing set or floral rubber stamp or stems of foliage
✤ 6cm-diameter round or 5cm heart pastry cutter
✤ Plastic drinking straw
✤ Fine sandpaper
✤ Acrylic paint

Making the tags

If using the alphabet or floral rubber stamp, set up holder and press as for bowls or gently press stems of foliage to the clay with your fingers, then carefully roll over it once with the rolling pin. Lift off the foliage.

Use pastry cutter/s to make the tag shape, positioning the words centrally and the floral stamp or foliage off-centre. Lift away excess clay and repeat for more decorations. Punch a hole for the tag with a drinking straw.

Leave to dry and when the top surface has dried, turn it over to dry the underside completely.

Smooth the outer edges with fine sandpaper.

Thin the acrylic paint with water and brush over the words. Leave to dry or wipe off to leave paint in the embossed letters.