The shops are full of braided ombre jewellery right now but don’t fork out to buy some… make your very own rope necklace! Find out the braiding basics and top dyeing techniques to give your jewellery that professional look with Home Editor Emily’s easy-to-follow instructions.

Ombre Braided Necklace Tutorial | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Jewellery

You will need:

  • Two 140cm lengths of 5mm white cotton rope trim
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • 50g packet of Dylon fabric dye for hand-wash in Ocean Blue
  • 5tbsp salt
  • Rubber gloves
  • Kitchen towel or old tea towel
  • Tacky Glue
  • Two pairs needle- or flat-nosed pliers
  • Two 4mm oval gold jump rings
  • Three 9mm gold jump ring
  • Two 8mm gold barrel end caps
  • 13mm round bolt clasp

To braid the rope necklace, watch Home Editor Emily demonstrate the looping and threading techniques in this video.

Start by taping one end of the two lengths of rope on to a flat surface, side by side, and then begin looping 20cm down from the tape. Repeat Emily’s braiding technique until you have created five knotted loops.

How to braid a rope necklace | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Jewellery

You’re now ready to add the ombre dye effect to your rope necklace. Always remember to follow the manufacturers instructions of your chosen dye. If you’re using Dylon, like us, then simply follow Emily’s instructions by filling a stainless steel pan with hot water, some salt and a sprinkling of dye. Graduate the colour on the braided necklace by adding dye and dipping the necklace until the darkest shade of dye is at the lowest point.

Learn how to dip dye a rope necklace | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Jewellery

Add the finishing touches to the rope necklace by applying a little Tacky Glue, pressing the ropes into a point and then inserting the ends into a barrel end cap. Using two pairs of pliers, open one small oval jump ring and attach to one of the barrel end caps. Add a round bolt clasp, then close the jump ring. On the other end, add one small oval jump ring, then three large jump rings.

Add the finishing touches to the rope necklace | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Jewellery