Bring a personal touch to your celebrations with this simple craft idea

Eggs decorated with flowers

Don’t fancy gorging on chocolate this year? Make our sophisticated floral Easter egg selection instead

Gifting friends and relatives with an Easter egg is a tradition that gives us real pleasure.

While treat-filled chocolate varieties are certain to be a hit with children, adults often prefer something a little more mature.

That’s why we’ve come up with the idea of decorating eggs with dainty flowers to make a stunning interior feature.

Our fun take on edible Easter ovals are extremely simple to make and work well with real, plastic or ceramic eggs.

Once you’ve decided the type of egg you want to work with, you’ll just need to dig out a few of your craft cupboard essentials and snap up a handful of bright pressed blooms.

Stack a couple into a pretty bowl to make a seasonal centrepiece or pop some into an old egg box and give them to guests when they leave your house full after lunch.

You will need

  • Eggs – either blown, plastic, or we used ceramic
  • Pressed flowers – we used lobelia, verbena and cow parsley
  • PVA glue
  • Small paintbrush

1. Give your eggs a wash with soapy water to make sure they’re clean. Take care not to break them if you are using real eggs.

2. Pick up some of the glue on the brush and carefully apply a tiny amount to the back of your first pressed flower.

3. Very gently, press the flower on to an egg. Continue gluing on pressed flowers to the eggs – some with lots, others can have a simple design, use your imagination to create different patterns.

4. Display your decorated eggs in a pretty bowl to use as a centrepiece, or give visitors an egg to take home with them.

Craft Ed’s Tip

If you are finding your pressed flowers are too small to hold, use tweezers.