Felt and fabric garlands are gracing many a mantelpiece this Christmas. So join in the trend by adorning your favourite piece of furniture with a gorgeous handmade Gingerbread Man Christmas Garland for the festive season

Gingerbread garland

A gingerbread garland makes a sweet decoration

We love this super-sweet Christmas garland idea with cheeky looking gingerbread men and tasty looking candy canes.

This is relatively easy to make, with great results, so would be a perfect festive craft to do with children, too!


  • Die-cutting machine (optional)
  • Large Christmas die Set (optional)
  • Patterned fat quarters
  • Small pom-poms
  • PVA  Glue
  • Needle and matching sewing thread
  • Ribbons in various colours
  • Jingle bells
  • Mini pegs
  • Baker’s twine
  • Felt in red, white, brown and mustard


1. Begin by calculating how long you want your garland, adding an extra 40cm to allow for tying at the ends. Cut a length of baker’s twine to suit.

Roughly work out how many gingerbread men and candy canes you will need to fill the length of the garland.

2. Using the Die-Cutting machine and die set, die-cut the required number of gingerbread men from mustard coloured felt.

To cut, set the dial of the Xpress machine to 5 and place the die onto the base plate, face up. Layer with the felt, place the metal shim and cutting pad on top and run through the machine.

Next, die-cut bow ties for each of the gingerbread men from various fabrics.

Tip: If you don’t have a die-cutting machine then you can simply print off a paper template for gingerbread men and candy canes and then cut them out by hand. You can then add the face with a fabric pen. 

3. Take two or three small pom-poms and place in the centre of each gingerbread man to form a plump tummy.

Apply dots of glue around the edge of the gingerbread men and adhere to brown felt, trapping the pom-poms inside.

4. Once dry, cut around each gingerbread man and decorate with the fabric bows, sewing to each neck with a cross stitch. Add pom-pom buttons to their tummies.

5. Die-cut the candy canes from red felt. Using PVA Glue, apply small dots of glue to the back of each candy cane and adhere to white felt, ensuring half the canes face left and the other half face right.

6. Once dry, cut out the candy canes, arrange in pairs and glue together in a cross. Once set, stitch a ribbon to the centre of each pair of candy canes, securing a jingle bell on top.

7. Cut lengths of ribbon, measuring 8cm long, in a selection of shades and patterns. Snip a V-shape into the ends of each length to make little pennants.

8. Position the felt shapes and pennants along the baker’s twine. Once happy with the arrangment, glue the gingerbread men and candy canes in place and secure the ribbon pennants with mini pegs.