Add a bit of glitz, sprinkle a bit of décor around, with our guide on how to make tassels. These quick and easy adornments refresh old looks and styles with a pretty and feminine feel.

Cut Back, Add Frills

Tassels take miniscule amounts of yarn so you don’t even need to buy anything; just use up the bits and bobs that you have and be creative! Use up your stash and be resourceful; experiment with fun colour combinations.

Use tassels as ties for your curtains, decorations to hang from wardrobe or cupboard handles or even sew them on as accessories for hats and scarves (just remember to make them a lot smaller!).

How to make tassels.

How To: Make tassels for your home 

1. Find a flat, solid object (a notebook or a CD case) and wrap your yarn tightly around it multiple times (until you have enough yarn for your tassel).

Making tassels

2. Cut through all the yarn on one side of your object, to create a bunch of lengths of yarn.

3. Tie this bunch in the middle with a separate piece of yarn (leave it nice and long if you intend to hang your tassel or stitch it to something – you can use these ends to do the holding).

4. Fold this whole bunch in half (around the tie), and tie around the whole lot, leaving a bit of space between your first and your second tie. The picture above is a great guide for this if you’re not sure what we mean.