Let our Craft Assistant give you her top tips when it comes to matching and pairing fabrics, tips and tricks below!

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Choosing the fabric for your sewing project is one of the most exciting parts! It is a chance to put your own personal spin on a design, experiment with patterned fabrics and choose colours that suit your style.

If you’re new to sewing, with such an array of patterns, colours, trims and ribbons to choose from, where do you start? We bring you our top tips for experimenting with fabrics and matching colours so you can begin mixing prints with this gorgeous Sew Tidy project.

Top tips when matching patterned fabrics

1. Pick a central theme, shade or palette to work from, something that ties all your fabrics together. It could be varying shades of the same colour or a similar motif – for the Sew Tidy we’d suggest using a plain colour for the background piece and a selection of different patterned fabrics for the pockets.

2. If you’re feeling a little daunted by the idea of mixing and matching prints, use a pack of fat quarters. Professionals have done all the hard work for you, teaming the best colours and patterns together. We have a great range available in the Woman’s Weekly Shop that can be found here. A great choice has to be the Joel Dewberry Free Spirit True Colours Collection bundle, a gorgeous mixture of autumnal and amber hues!

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3. Have a go at using contrasting colours that will really draw the eye. For instance, you could try using combinations like purple and yellow, blue and orange and, green and red for a colour pop.

4. For a really bright and bold statement, mix geometric stripes and shapes with floral patterns – it shouts confidence and creative style! But don’t forget to set out your fabrics first before cutting and construction to be sure the fabrics compliment each other and, most importantly, work for you.

5. If you’ve already mastered mixing your prints, experiment with the type of fabric you’re using. Just make sure that the fabrics have a similar weight, this way you’ll avoid puckering and pulling in your finished project.

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Esme Clemo Craft Assistant | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Sewing

Esme Clemo – our Craft Assistant

These top tips came from Esme, our Craft Assistant at Woman’s Weekly. Keep an eye out for more of crafting hints and tips to help you create the makes featured every week in our magazine.