Have a go at making your own jewellery with this simple guide

It’s easy to make this bead bracelet using memory wire as it holds its shape, even when you add beads. You can stick to one colour of beads, breaking them up with spacers, or you could try doing a mixture of toning beads. There are no rules, it’s up to you what you like the best so suit the bracelet design around your own tastes.

We always think it’s helpful to make our jewellery in a colour or tone that would go with most of our wardrobe, to make sure we can wear it as much as possible!

You can match rings and chokers with it too by simply applying the same basic principles to varying lengths of the wire.

These bracelets make great gifts, for any age, as their so simple to make but look really impressive. The lucky recipient will think you spent hours slaving over the presents which means lots of Brownie points!


    • Memory wire (note: Memory wire is a coiled wire that keeps its shape when beaded. It comes in various sizes to make bracelets, rings and chokers.)
    • 5mm end caps
    • Strong epoxy resin glue, such as Araldite
    • 6mm glass pearls
    • 6mm diamanté rondelle spacers
    • Wire cutters


1. To make this bracelet, take a piece of memory wire, about 55cm long, and glue an end cap on one end with strong epoxy resin glue and allow to dry.

2. Thread on the beads, we used 11 sequences of five 6mm glass pearls and one 6mm diamanté crystal rondelle, then threaded on another five pearls.

3. Push all the beads along the wire. Glue the last bead in place.

4. Snip the wire with wire cutters 5mm after the last bead and glue on an end cap. Leave to dry.