Turn plain pebbles into a stationary staple in just four short steps

Floral paperweights

If you’re anything like us then you’ll no doubt collect bits and bobs every time you’re out and about. We always seem to have a little collection of pebbles, worn smooth by the tide, which we collect at beaches and then leave in a corner somewhere and forget about!

Make your long-forgotten pebbles into precious objects with just a little help from some glue and patterned paper. Pick bright, colourful floral prints for your decoupage paper to make sure your paperweights are as striking as possible.

Once you’ve got a nice collection together they can also be used as patio decorations, or even look lovely heaped in little piles on windowsills.


    • Stones
    • White acrylic paint
    • Decoupage or floral paper
    • Paintbrush

How to make a floral decoupage paperweight:

1. Start by painting a stone, or stones, with white acrylic paint – this prevents the colour of the stone showing through the papers and keeps the colours strong

2. Tear up decoupage or floral paper, either into the rough shape of your stone, or lots of strips.

3. Leave the paint to dry completely to make sure the colour in the paper doesn’t bleed once you apply it and to give a good strong base coat.

4. Use a paintbrush to cover your stone with decoupage glue, place the paper on the stone and continue to apply glue all over, covering any mistakes with more paper, being careful to smooth out any wrinkles or bumps with your brush. Leave to dry completely.