Make an apple keyring ring from felt with this easy step-by-step craft project

This sweet little apple keyring would make a perfect present for a teacher! Using Bondaweb makes this craft project extremely simple and straightforward, so if you’re a bit of a craft novice then you can still get lovely results.

Why not make a few and give them out to friends as gifts? There really is nothing like a homemade gift and once you’ve got the basic apple shape down you could even make them for your friends in their favourite fruit shape! It’s easy once you know how.

Don’t feel constrained to green either, how about making a gold, red or yellow apple instead? With so many options this is sure to be a craft project that you’ll make time and time again.


    • Green felt
    • Needle and thread
    • Bondaweb
    • Rouge
    • Scissors


1. Trace the apple, leaf and stalk from the picture (above) on to the paper backing of a piece of Bondaweb, leaving a gap between the pieces.

2. Roughly cut out each piece leaving a margin all round. Press the apple and leaf to green felt and the stalk to brown, then cut out accurately.

3. Peel off backing paper, arrange on green felt, butting together, and press to fuse the layers. Stitch round each shape, close to outer edges, then trim backing felt.

4. Brush rouge on the apple. Fix a metal eyelet on leaf and insert a key ring.