Fancy trying needle felting? Here is a great step-by-step project to get you started - a felt cup and saucer.

Needle feltingThese felt cups and saucers are great needle felting project and can be for ornamental use or a special tea set for children who are beyond the age of eating or breaking their toys!


    • Felting needles
    • Multi-needle holder
    • Dense foam sponge
    • Wool top in blue, pink, yellow and green

Tips for needle felting

    • Felting needles are extremely sharp, so always watch what you are doing.
    • Work on a protected, flat, stable surface, not on your lap.
    • Always insert your needle straight down into work


1. Make a thick layer of blue merino wool in a rectangle of around 4 x 10cm (15/8 x 4in). It should be 1cm (3/8in) thick.

2. Needle to firm up the shape.

3. Take the rectangle off the foam block and curve it round from one end. Continue curving the piece round to make a cup shape.

4. Needle round the base to hold the cup shape together.

5. Take a piece of foam cut into a former for cup shapes.

6. Squeeze the former into the felted cup shape. Needle the felt to secure the seam.

7. Add more wool to cover the seam and any parts that feel thin. Needle the shape.

8. Remove the cup from the former. Hold it in your hand and needle it carefully to firm up the shape. Add wool as necessary.

9. Hold the rim of the cup between your finger and thumb and needle it carefully to firm it up.

10. Take a wisp of the same blue wool for the handle.

11. Fold over the ends of the wisp and needle.

12. Continue needling until the shape is firmer and add more layers of wool by wrapping them round the handle.

13. Place the end of the handle near the top of the cup, curling it over as shown, and needle it in position.

14. Attach the bottom of the handle but do not curl it under this time. Needle to secure it.

15. Cover any visible joins by adding and needling in more wool.

16. Add a wisp of pale pink wool to create a petal.

17. Make five petals in the same way and add a purple centre to the flower.

18. Add a leaf in dark green and needle it in.

19. Add a second leaf in the same way.

20. Trim any fluff from the finished cup with scissors.

Needle felting

21. Take a long and fairly thick piece of the same blue wool.

22. Coil it into a spiral shape.

23. Needle the spiral into a flat circle, adding wool to cover the joins.

24. Needle the middle of the shape to make the dip in the saucer.

Needle felting

25. Carefully needle the rim of the saucer and refine the circle shape.

26. As with the cup, decorate the saucer with flowers, starting with a pale pink petal.

27. Make three flowers, each with five pink petals, a purple centre and two dark green leaves.

28. The finished cup and saucer.

Project taken from Beginner’s Guide to Needle Felting by Susanna Wallis