Geometric necklace

Stitch yourself an on-trend geometric necklace using simple satin stitch. The felt edge is blanket stitched on.

You will need:

✤ Cream felt
✤ Carbon paper and pencil
✤ Embroidery hoop (optional)
✤ Embroidery thread: mint, coral, charcoal, black, beige
✤ Embroidery needle
✤ Fabric scissors
✤ Fabric glue
✤ Two jump rings
✤ 3mm-wide coral ribbon

1. Trace off the geometric necklace template (below) then, using carbon paper, transfer the shapes on to cream felt.

Secure in an embroidery hoop, if desired.

2. Fill in a triangle at a time using satin stitch and two strands of embroidery thread to correspond with the key provided.

Satin stitch is created by working parallel lines of thread sewn closely next to each other.

For a varied effect, work the stitches in different directions for each triangle, using the picture as a guide.

3. When every triangle has been filled in, work a line of backstitch around the outside of the shape with two strands of beige thread.

Measure 5mm around the motif and mark a border lightly with a pencil. Cut out using fabric scissors.

4. Add a thin line of fabric glue 5mm around the edges of the back of the stitched necklace and adhere to another piece of cream felt.

Leave to dry. Cut around the shape. Once dry, work blanket stitch around the edge of the necklace using two strands of mint embroidery thread.

5. Sew a jump ring to each top point of the felt. Thread 60cm of narrow ribbon through each jump ring and fold to make a double length.

Tie a knot in the end and snip the ends into neat diagonal points. Add a little fabric glue to prevent fraying.

Stitch guide

  • Satin stitch

Work straight, parallel stitches closely together – there should be no gaps between stitches

  • Blanket stitch

Bring the needle out at 1, reinsert at 2, then – trapping the thread under the needle – out of 3. Gently pull the loop taut, then reinsert needle at 4, ready for next stitch

Geometric necklace template