Looking for some sewing inspiration? Choose one of these simple sewing projects and craft ideas, from making a laundry bag or stitching a garden kneeler, and create something special in just one evening.

We love sewing, it’s a relaxing and soothing hobby to dip in and out of when you have the time. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide of four of our favourite sewing projects. They’ll make sure you never run out of ideas of what to do with your needle and thread.

How to make a storage hoop

Sewing storage hoop

Use an embroidery hoop as a simple storage solution for your crafty bits and pieces! You only need a few materials and basic sewing skills to create this quirky but useful project. You could use various sizes of hoops to make a few different storage solutions and keep craft bits in one, sewing in another and perhaps knitting in another!

SEWING PROJECT: Get the storage hoop project here

How to make a sewing jar

How to make a pin storage jar

You’ll never lose your needles and thread with this simple-to-make sewing jar. It actually needs no sewing at all – just some pretty fabric and a kilner jar would you believe? While you’re making it why not make a mini one too. That way you’ll always have a complete sewing kit to pop in your bag when you want to take your sewing with you somewhere.

SEWING PROJECT: Get the sewing jar project here 

How to make a laundry bag

How to sew a laundry bag

Making a basic laundry bag couldn’t be easier – all you need are simple sewing skills and a pillow case and some ribbon. We love this floral pattern but you could use any colour or pattern you fancy. If you’re feeling ambitious you could even embroider text onto the outside of the laundry bag.

SEWING PROJECT: Get the laundry bag project here

How to make a garden kneeler

Sew a garden kneeler

If the weather warms up you might like to make this pretty garden kneeler for using while working in the garden. The soft spongy centre will make sure your knees don’t suffer for your gardening projects.

SEWING PROJECT: Get the garden kneeler project here