This is a very simple project that involves no knitting skills, so it’s perfect to make with children. We used two different- sized pom poms to create the snowmen, finished with beads and decorative ribbon.

Snowman wreath

Skill level: Easy-peasy


Wreath: Approximately 30cm/11¾in in diameter
Snowman: Approximately 9cm/3¼in long


  • 3 x 100g (280m) balls of Hayfield Bonus DK (100% acrylic) in White (961)*
  • 30cm polystyrene wreath base; 60 x 4mm black pearl beads and 15 x 10mm orange teardrop beads
  • 3m of 5mm grosgrain ribbon and 200cm of 35mm gold ribbon
  • Fabric glue
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • 35mm and 45mm strips of stout card
  • Alternatively, use a Clover pom pom maker 35mm and 45mm (optional)Snowman

(Make 15)

Body pom pom:

Wind yarn about 300 times around 45mm strip of card. Break off yarn. Push these strands of yarn off the card, keeping the bunch of strands neatly together.

With separate length of yarn used double, tie the middle of the bunch tightly, and repeat the process.

Holding the tie, carefully cut all the folded ends and trim to even it out.

If using a pom pom maker, follow the instructions enclosed with the kit.

Head pom pom:

Wind yarn about 250 times around 35mm strip of card. Break off yarn.

Complete pom pom in same way as on body.

To make up:

Tie ends of head and body together, bringing pom poms together as close as possible. Lose ends inside the body. Cut ribbon into 15 x 20cm lengths. Tie one length around each snowman’s neck for a scarf, securing each knot with a dab of glue.

Glue the thicker end of a teardrop bead to centre of each face for a nose, then two black pearl beads on for eyes, and two more on each body for buttons.


Arrange snowmen on the flat side of the polystyrene wreath, with the heads around the inside.

Fix in position with double-sided sticky tape or glue. Cut the gold ribbon into one 50cm and one 150cm length.

Fold longer length in half and take the folded end from front to back and around the wreath, ending at the top, then bring ends through the loop and tighten.

Make a 20cm double loop for hanging, leaving ends free, at the back. Make a bow with the shorter length of ribbon, then tie ends securely around all layers of ribbon at the base of the hanging loop.

Check out our guide to making pom poms at