With just a handful of twigs and a little imagination, you can create beautiful decorations for your home

We share three fun and festive craft ideas made using twigs.

Top trees

These rustic-style trees look great on a side table or even grouped together as a centrepiece. Either keep them au naturel or spray them with metallic paint for a more contemporary feel.

You will need

For one pot:

✤ 2 long, sturdy twigs
✤ 10 twigs (to be cut down)
✤ Thin wire
✤ Hot glue gun
✤ Oasis/florist foam
✤ Pot
✤ Hessian
✤ Moss and berries

1 Take the two longer twigs and join them using a hot glue gun. Twist lengths of thin wire around them for extra support.

2 For the crosswise twigs, cut two shorter ones of equal length and lay side by side. Repeat with two more twigs, making them slightly longer. Continue cutting twigs slightly longer each time.

3 Fix the twigs to the trunk with a hot glue gun, placing one either side, and wrapping with wire. Continue gluing the twigs, remembering to leave enough trunk to push into the pot.

4 Place some Oasis into the pot, then push in the tree. Top the pot with moss and berries, finally, decorate the twigs with twine.

Christmas tree made with twigs

In the frame

Adorn this charming twist on a traditional wreath with a friendly robin, or use it to showcase your favourite festive decorations

You will need

✤ Square vine wreath (or make your own with strong florist wire and a grapevine garland)
✤ Twigs, including willow-whip twigs
✤ Hot glue gun
✤ Pine cones, berries, rosehips
✤ Ribbon

1 Make your own square wreath by forming a frame shape with strong florist wire, then wrap and glue a grapevine garland round it. Secure with twine, if desired.

2 Attach long lengths of willow-whip twigs around the edge of the frame with wreath wire. Then place two long twigs to form a cross in the centre of the frame. Secure with the hot glue gun and twine.

3 Add finer twigs, criss-crossing them and gluing them to the frame. Finally add some cones, berries and rosehips and tie up with a decorative ribbon.

Christmas craft project

Super stars

These look lovely all lined up in a row hanging from a mantelpiece. You could make one big star using the same instructions but with chunkier sticks, then wrap it with a length of battery-operated fairy lights and prop it in a window.

You will need

For each star:

✤ 5 twigs of equal size
✤ Twine or thin wire
✤ Hot glue gun
✤ Berries (real or artificial)
✤ Ribbon

1 Cut the twigs to equal lengths, around 10cm. Tie two of the twigs together at one end with twine or thin wire, to create a ‘V’ shape – you can use a hot glue gun first, if you prefer, it will make the stars much stronger. Repeat to make a second ‘V’ shape.

2 Criss-cross the two ‘V’ shapes, one on top of the other, so an open end of one meets an open end of the other to make a third point. Secure with glue and twine.

3 Attach the last twig across the gap to complete the star shape. Use a hot glue gun to attach on a selection of berries. Once the glue had dried, tie on a loop of ribbon and use to hang from a tree or mantel.

Christmas crafts using twigs