A touch of spray paint will transform a soap dispenser, dish and toothbrush pot in no time

Spray paint bathroom utensils

Give your bathroom some sparkle by upcycling your accessories with some metallic spray paint.

This is a great project for anyone who’s following our Waste Not Want Not campaign which has so far seen us turn plastic bottles into soap dispensers, transform an old jar into a mini spa and make a delicious curry using a lamb shoulder.

Follow our six steps below and you’ll have some chic shimmering new pieces in no time at all.

You will need

✤ Bathroom set (soap dispenser, dish and toothbrush pot)
✤ Masking or frog tape
✤ Newspaper
✤ Metallic spray paint – we used bright gold and copper

1. Wash the pieces with soap and water, getting rid of any sticky residue left behind from labels or stickers.

2. Mask off a triangle or a strip across one of the pieces, using either masking tape or frog tape (which gives a cleaner line). Cover the rest of the item with newspaper, taping it in place.

3. Working in a well-ventilated area, cover your workspace with newspaper. Give the can a good shake for about 30 seconds, then, following the manufacturer’s instructions, spray on a thin coat of metallic paint.

Angle the can to get round the corners.

4. Once this coat has dried completely – it should take about 15 mins – apply another thin coat. Repeat, adding coats of paint until you are happy with the coverage.

5. When the final coat has completely dried, carefully take off the newspaper and peel back the masking tape to reveal a lovely crisp line of metallic paint.

6. Repeat by masking off another shape and spraying in the same metallic finish or a different colour. Add as many designs and shapes as you like.

Tip: Use varying widths of masking tape to create a truly unique design and experiment with different metallics like silver for a fresh finish.