Personalise your gifts with this clever heat-embossing technique. Either add an inspiring quote or embellish with the recipient’s name

Typography gifts

These chic makes are inspired by metallics and typography Both are big this season for homeware and on stationery.

It gives you the opportunity to personalise gifts – a lovely way to make something unique.

You will need:

  • Embossing pen
  • Embossing powder (we used gold)
  • Heat gun
  • Tracing paper and pencil
  • Paper to cover your work surface
  • Item to emboss, eg, notebook

Craft tip

Turn the rubber heat protector on the travel mug inside out and work on the smooth side

1 Trace off the Hopes & Dreams template (below), then trace the right way round on to the front of the notebook.

2 Go over the design with an embossing pen, covering all of the pencil lines and making sure not to smudge it as you go along.

3 Cover your work surface with paper then carefully tip the embossing powder over the drawn design. Cover it completely and don’t worry about tipping out the whole pot.

4 Tip off the embossing powder on to a piece of paper – you can tip this back into the pot afterwards.

5 Carefully dab or blow off any excess powder so you only have powder stuck to the writing.

6 Position the heat gun so it’s aimed at one area of the powdered words and switch it on. It will take a few seconds for the heat to start melting the powder but when it does, it will transform the powder into a smooth metallic finish.

Move the gun along so all the words have heated up.

Craft tip

Smooth surfaces like notebooks and cards give the best results

Hopes and dreams template