The computerised  Singer Confidence 7465 sewing machine is perfect for dressmaking, craft projects and general repairs, but also has 50 built-in stitches for elaborate embroidery.

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Winding the bobbin

To wind thread onto your bobbin, place your chosen reel of colour on the spool pin, placing the plastic cover that comes with your machine over the top to hold it in place.

Pulling the thread to the left of your sewing machine, guide it through the thread guides, then around the bobbin winder tension disk. Taking an empty bobbin – always use an empty bobbin to guarantee that the thread winds evenly – you need to guide the thread through the small hole in the top and hold in place as you slip the bobbin onto the bobbin winder and slide click to the right.

Now apply pressure to the foot pedal to wind the thread onto the bobbin and let go of the thread after a few seconds. Once you’ve got an even coverage of thread, cut the thread, slide the bobbin winder to the left and slip off the shaft.

Singer sale model 7465

Threading the needle

To thread the needle, leave your desired spool of thread on the spool pin. Pull the thread across to the left of the machine and around the thread guides, over the front of your machine and down to hook underneath this section, up to hook over the take-up lever and then back down through the needle guides before inserting through the eye of the needle itself.

A real bonus of  the Singer Confidence 7465 is that it has an automatic needle threader for easy threading.

Threading the bobbin

To thread a drop-in bobbin, simply drop the bobbin into the bobbin case underneath the bobbin cover. Guide the thread around the edge of the bobbin case and along the side of the needle plate.

Now you’re ready to go.