Stitch floral and dotty printed fabric together to make a frilly vintage apron from 1978 – perfect for cooking that special family dinner

VIntage ApronTo make a dainty pinny with this vintage apron pattern you will need:

* 2 x floral and 1 x dotty fabric from Fat Quarters Classic Lilac selection
* Matching sewing thread
* Fabric scissors
* Chalk pencil
* Pins

From the floral fabric, cut: Two rectangles measuring 40 x 45cm.

From the dotty fabric, cut: Three pieces measuring 10 x 55cm wide and two pieces measuring 7 x 55cm – this is enough for a 30in waist, you’ll need to alter the length for smaller or larger waist sizes.

Making the vintage apron

1 Take the floral pieces and cut round two corners at one of the short ends to make a curve, these will make up the front and back panels of the apron.

2 To make the frill, take the three larger strips of dotty fabric and, with right sides facing, join the short edges together with a 5mm seam allowance to create one long strip.

Press seams flat.

3 Press the strip in half lengthways, wrong sides facing, and run two rows of gathering stitches along the length, 5mm from the raw edge and 5mm apart.

Pull on threads evenly until the gathered strip measures 130cm – enough to go around three sides of the apron panel.

4 Pin the frill to the right side of the front apron panel, following the three curved sides with raw edges together.

Place the back apron panel on top so that the right sides of the floral pieces are facing and tack together.

Machine-stitch around the edge of the three curved sides with a 1cm seam allowance. Snip into the curves and then turn the apron right side out.

5 For the waistband, join the two smaller strips of the dotty fabric the same way as in Step2. Turn in a 5mm hem around the edges and then fold the strip in half lengthways.

Then press and pin to secure.

6 Place the apron panel inside the fold at the centre and tack. Top-stitch all along the turned-in edges and along the top of the apron.


It’s a good idea to leave long tails of thread to help gather up the fabric.