It may seem strange, but we don’t have any archive copies of the Woman’s Weekly or Woman’s Realm sewing patterns at our HQ – and that’s why we are calling out for your help.

We’d really like to build a comprehensive collection of all our gorgeous sewing patterns from years ago, so that they are all in one place.

Vintage Woman’s Weekly Sewing Pattern

Have you got one like this in your collection of sewing patterns? Here’s how you can help!

Do you happen to have a vintage Woman’s Weekly sewing pattern lying around the house that you no longer need and would be willing to part with? Well, you might just be able to make our day.

Knowing our lovely readers, we suspect that there might be a few of you out there who have saved and stored our patterns with great care and attention!

What we’d really love is to be able to exhibit these at a later date and perhaps even use some of the patterns as a basis for a new range. Your generous contributions to our project will make sure lots more people are able to enjoy vintage sewing patterns from our archives.

Vintage Woman’s Weekly Sewing Pattern

What patterns would we like?

We’re not fussy! We are really keen to create an archive of all the Woman’s Weekly sewing patterns we can get our hands on. We know that our patterns appeared from our first issue,  published in 1911, and that these ran for a long time, we believe right up until the 1980s. Doing the sums, that equals a lot of patterns.

Vintage Woman’s Weekly Sewing Pattern

I have a pattern – how do I send it in?

If you do have any and are happy to part with them (we can’t return any, sorry),  then please do send them to us, along with your name and address and any anecdotes you may have about making the pattern, or even photos of the item you made. Here’s the address:

Mary Bird
Woman’s Weekly,
Time Inc. (UK),
110 Southwark Street,

Or, if you want to send scanned verisons, send them to: mary.bird@timeinc.com

Please note that we will not be able to return any patterns to the sender.

Thank you very much in advance!

Vintage Woman’s Weekly Sewing Pattern