Our simple watercolour techniques will help you create unique Christmas cards for family and friends

Watercolour painting is so fun – especially when the technique is used to make festive greetings cards.

You will need:

✤ Card blanks – ours measure 15cm square
✤ Watercolours in a selection of colours
✤ Fine paintbrush
✤ Mixing dish – we used an old plate
✤ Tracing paper
✤ Ruler
✤ Pencil and an eraser
✤ PVA glue
✤ Glitter
✤ Kitchen towel

1 Trace off the triangle and pot templates, far right, using a pencil and ruler.

Position on the front of the card and lightly trace off. Don’t press too hard – it will be rubbed off later.


At this point, you might like to trace off triangles and pots on to a few cards, as you can work on multiple cards at the same time

Watercolour card 1

2 Squeeze a small amount  of paint on to the dish – we started with green.

Dip the brush into the water, then into the paint to water it down. Dab off any excess water on to the kitchen towel. Start painting green stars around the inside of the triangle, in different sizes. Don’t worry that they’re not symmetrical or neat – in fact, the more random they are in shape, the more interesting your card.

Watercolour card 2

3 Continue painting stars of different sizes, completing one colour and then moving on to the next, until the triangle is filled.

Watercolour card 3

4 Dip the paintbrush in the red paint and apply some to the top of the pot, below left. Rinse off most of the paint on the brush in the water, dab off excess, then use the brush to drag the colour down the pot.

Watercolour painting cards

5 When the card is completely dry, carefully rub out the pencil marks. At the top of the tree, draw a star shape with the brush and some PVA glue, then pour on a little glitter.

Once the glue has dried, tip off the excess glitter.

Watercolour card 5

Triangle Trees

Using red, green and yellow paint, decorate the tree with scallops, zigzags, baubles, lines and dots. You can try out different shapes and patterns. Try watering down the paint or mixing up different shades. Finish with a glitter shape on top.

Watercolour card tree

Holly Day

Fill the tree with green painted holly leaves – you can draw these out with pencil first if you don’t feel confident. Then add dots of red paint for the berries. Add a sprig at the top of the tree and paint the
pot, as for the star tree.

Watercolour Christmas card

Merry And Bright

Use eight equally sized card blanks (or cut from thin card). Using an alphabet stencil, spell out ‘Merry Christmas’, adding a star at the end of each word. Paint in bright colours.

Once dry, draw a line of PVA glue around the edge of each letter and tip on some glitter.

Once the glue has dried, tip off the excess glitter and use sticky tape at the back of the cards to join them up.

Watercolour card

Name Game

Lightly trace off the template (on the previous page) on to the front of a blank card, then add the recipient’s name in pencil. Paint the holly leaves green and add red dots for the berries.

Using a fine paintbrush, go over ‘Season’s Greetings’ and the name in a bright red – have a practice on a piece of paper first if you prefer.