If you like to crochet and knit for babies and toddlers, follow these general and simple tips to ensure perfect results every time

Knit for babies Baby Booties Knitting Pattern

Here are six tips you should consider when you crochet and knit for babies and toddlers:

1. Choose yarn qualities that are kind to baby’s skin as those that contain a machine washable fibre content are a bonus for busy mums.

2. Favour lighter weight yarn qualities, like 4ply and DK, because these are less restrictive for baby to wear. Use the slightly more weightier DK cottons, Aran and chunky for older babies and toddlers.

3. Avoid the hairy or brushed style yarns like mohair and angora. This is because their fibres have a tendency to loosen and could be swallowed.

4. For comfort, when making up your garments use a mattress stitch wherever you can. Steer away from bulky methods like back stitch.

5. Using colourful buttons is a great way to add personality and a bit of individuality to your completed garment. There are so many different styles available in the shops at the moment. But it’s best to avoid buttons with sharp points like stars and birds with beaks as they can catch on the strands of your knitting or crochet.

6. Always be mindful of your baby’s or toddler’s safety. Make sure buttons and embellishments are secure. If you have to use a ribbon or cord, stitch them into position firmly, so that they cannot be pulled tight.

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