We reveal the chicest styles available in the Women's Weekly Shop

Fashion fans will know that right accessories will totally transform an outfit.

If you always want to make a statement wherever you go, we suggest getting crafty making your own bags at home.

Need a new holdall to carry all of your groceries home in? Snap up our vibrant crochet tote bag pattern.

Featuring bold pops of coral, green, yellow, purple and red, this striped number will certainly make any trip to the supermarket stylish.

Order your copy now by calling us on 0800 024 1212, quoting the product code WIWE14FH006Q.

If you’ve got an event or special occasion coming up, our crochet party bag pattern will help you bring a fabulous finishing touch to your look.

Undeniably elegant with a classy and classic design, we’ve no doubt that all of your friends and family will be queuing up to ask you where it’s from.

State the product code WOWE14JA0006 when placing your order.

And if you want to add a touch of sparkle to any ensemble, our glamorous sequin bag pattern is all you need.

A bamboo handle makes this accessory – product code WOWE14FH00BP – a chic choice for all occasions.

Lines are open 10am-4pm on weekdays, and we are closed on bank holidays.

Judging by these fabulous pictures that we’ve been sent, our readers are very talented at making their own bags.

Audrey Watt adapted an appliqué cushion to create a cute dog motif tweed handbag, while Keira Chapman gifted her little girl with a feminine pink and purple one for her birthday.

And a Woman’s Weekly fan named Patricia Mackinnon showed off her sensational needle-working skills when she shared a shot of her beautiful Bargello bag.

‘I really enjoy making Bargello, and have made several cushions. After making a cushion using Perle, I thought the pattern would look lovely for an evening bag,’ she told us.

‘So I made this little one and stitched it with Goldfingering and used black silk for the back of the bag, and the lining. I am looking forward to using it on a Baltic cruise later this year.’