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I am very excited to bring you my first blog post as the new knitting assistant at Woman’s Weekly. Howdy! Let me introduce myself, my name is Frederica Patmore (Freddie, please!). I am a published author and designer, and have been teaching knitting and crochet workshops for many years, so I’m thrilled to join you all at Woman’s Weekly.

Time to admit my Knitting Addiction…

I’m addicted to knitting socks. I love a bit of sock action, and you always know how much yarn you need to buy, which justifies lots of yarn purchases. My favourite yarn is pure wool; Bluefaced Leicester to be precise.

My favourite to work with, is 4ply. Problem is, is that it’s slow to grow. I’m very much plunging into the deep end, but what a lovely deep end to be in. The team are lovely and the buzz in the office is very exciting!

Knitting is big, even at the Olympics!

Did you spot the Finnish snowboarding coach wiling away the wait with his knitting? Looks toasty whatever he’s making, they’re big needles after all.

Sochi Olympics

Big needles are one way to create thick and warm fabrics quickly and easily. It is arguable that you can speed up your crafting process by switching to crochet – I wouldn’t necessarily agree. I learnt to knit at the age of four and didn’t learn to crochet until much later on in my life, and therefore unless there is a lot of lacework in a crochet pattern, that is, a great deal of space where essentially fewer stitches are being created, I do not necessarily find that crochet automatically grows quicker, no.

Granny Squares: A quick-fix knitting project

If I’m after a quick-fix project, I would go for some ‘granny’ squares such as those featured in the splashy, sugary-coloured Rainbow Throw. Aren’t they fabulous?

Granny squares crochet
These traditional-style motifs are worked circularly, and can be given a completely different twist based solely on the colours that you choose. Making small pieces at a time makes for a perfectly portable project that can be made in pieces over a long period of time, in-between projects if you so feel (we don’t judge), and are a perfect opportunity to use up leftover yarn oddments. Get that stash used up, no excuses!