We’ve got 9 great reasons why you should get your crochet hooks out and crochet all year round.

Traditionally, crochet is more of a summer craft using lightweight cottons. However crocheting with other yarns like wool and mohair is becoming ever more popular no matter what the time of year – we can’t get enough of crochet at the moment! And this is why…

1. Crochet is portable! Standard crochet hooks are much shorter than knitting needles so they take up less space in your project bag. Perfect for long journeys, they are far less likely to bend.

2. Crochet is quick to do. Once you’ve had a bit of practice you’ll start to get really speedy. The taller stitches in crochet create large areas of fabric very quickly.


3. It’s much easier to form complex shapes with crochet than with knitting. Circles, stars, hexagons and freeform shapes are far easier to construct working in the round with crochet. Knitting these motifs tends to involve complex techniques.


4. Crochet stitches make wonderful textures. It’s fantastic to run your fingers over your finished work.

5. Crochet is made up of just 6 basic stitches (chains, slip-stitch, double-crochet, half-trebles, trebles and double-treble variations) so it’s very easy to know how to follow almost any pattern once you know the basic stitches.

6. Crochet is very pretty! You can add pretty edgings to a variety of fabrics and elegant frills to existing projects by crocheting around their edge using very basic stitches.

granny-swuare-variation-womans-weekly-uk7. Granny squares can be whipped up in no time. Also known as ‘Afghan squares’, these are a great way to use up oddments of yarn from your project basket.

8. Crochet comes in handy to sew up pieces you’ve already made. Working a double-crochet stitch through two layers of fabric, you can join them together with a decorative ridge.


9. Dense crochet stitches make lovely winter fabrics. Pick a cosy yarn in a rich seasonal shade and work a thick pattern.