Adding appliqué crochet to a garment is a low-cost and easy way to personalise a plain garment.

Great for jazzing up a gift too, kids will love wearing tees decorated with a fun crocheted motif.

We stock a great bundle of patterns to make appliqué flowers and a mod-style bullseye in our online store.

When it comes to getting started, it’s important to know that hand-crocheted fabric will behave differently to the machine-knitted jersey like these T-shirts.

There are a few other things you’ll need to think about too, so to make it simple for you, our experts have put together their top tips for doing appliqué crochet.


Womans Weekly Crochet Boy T-shirt Motif

Top tips when doing applique crochet

1. Jersey – the stretchy fabric that T-shirts are made from, is a finely machine-knitted fabric. Crochet fabric is also flexible, so together they work rather well.

2. When choosing a yarn to make a crocheted motif, pick a quality with the same fibre blend as the garment it’s intended to be applied to. For example – select a cotton yarn to crochet motifs that you’ll be applying to a cotton shirt.

3. When something has been hand-crocheted, it may appear a little wrinkled so read your yarn label for recommended pressing guidelines. For 100% cotton yarns, a gentle press under a hot iron will do the trick.

Womans Weekly Crochet Boy T-shirt Motif

4. When your motif is finished, pressed and ready to be sewn onto the jersey, make sure to use a ball-pointed or blunt-ended needle such as a fine tapestry needle (the type you’d use for cross-stitch), which will slide between the fibres of the jersey without leaving any holes.

5. All that remains is to pin the motif in place and stitch it down. To secure the motif a little more, glue it to the shirt using a thin layer of fabric adhesive, and allow to dry before stitching a neat running stitch around the motif edge using a double thickness of matching sewing thread.