Floral Cushion Crochet Pattern

Appliqué is a lovely way to personalise any knitting or crochet project. The decoration is created by fixing motifs onto a background and the appliqué is then stitched into place.

There are a number of wonderful home interiors that require you to use the technique in our online store like the ampersand cushion and floral cushion that’s been thoughtfully decorated with bright blooms.

‘Appliqué is really fun! It’s your opportunity to colour with a design laid on to a finished item using other knitted or crocheted pieces of fabric,’ says our expert Freddie Patmore.

‘You can even use scraps of regular fabric if you stitch them on carefully enough. Appliqué is a great way to give a new lease of life to an old garment or piece for the home.’

We’ve put together some simple tips to help you add appliqué to your projects for a professional finish. We’ll use a cushion as an example.

Before you start, darn in all your ends of your appliqué piece.

After doing this, press or block all of the pieces so that they are flat and smooth. Check your yarn label for instructions on exactly how to block your particular yarn.

How To: Make perfect patterns

Lay out and arrange all your motifs on your cushion surface. Take your time moving your decorative pieces around. Make sure you are completely happy with the arrangement before securing them in place with blunt-ended pins, ready for sewing.

How To: Stitch your appliqué

Using a blunt-ended darning or tapestry needle, stitch the appliqué pieces to your cushion using a simple running stitch. Remove any pins as you go. Stitch through all layers of fabric to make sure the join is secure.

How To: Finish off your appliqué piece

Try using remnants of matching coloured yarn for your appliqué. Use the same yarn throughout so that the finished item can be washed without the stitching shrinking or reacting differently to the rest of the fabric.

Applique ampersand crocheted cushion