Learn how to check your crochet tension with our easy to follow step-by-step guid

Crochet boxesHow To Crochet: Our top 10 tips on getting perfect crochet tension

Before commencing any new project always check your tension, follow these ten easy-to-follow steps to insure a success:

1. Usually the swatch tension is measured over 10cms and so your sample square needs to be about 13-15cms square. This will depend on the repeat of the pattern.

2. Stretch your swatch in each direction and allow to rest.

3. Using a tape measure mark up 10cms square in the centre of your swatch.

crochet tension

4. Count the stitches between markers horizontally and the rows vertically.

crochet tension

5. If the number of stitches and rows is less than quoted, crochet another swatch using a smaller hook.

6. If the number of stitches and rows is greater than that quoted, crochet another swatch using a larger hook.

7. You may need to crochet a few samples to achieve the quoted tension.

8. It is more important to obtain the stitch tension than the row tension, as the stitch tension gives you the actual width measurement, while the row governs the length that can be easily adjusted when crocheting.

9. If the pattern is irregular and the tension is quoted over an uneven number of rows you may need to make the swatch over 20cms. For example, one row of trebles and the other of dc’s.

10. For best results, you must obtain the tension quoted in the instructions quoted. A little bit of time invested into crocheting tension piece will avoid disappointments later.

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