When you learn crochet, there are a variety of ways to hold your hook and yarn. The most important thing is to pick a method which suits you.
Crochet expert Freddie Patmore demonstrates four different ways to hold your hook and yarn in the video below.


Speed and even tension comes with practice. Try one of our methods below to see which one you prefer. Just remember – don’t switch holding styles mid-project as it will change the way you work and inevitably affect your tension.

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Traditional method

Both crochet and yarn are held in the left hand, with the right hand holding the hook preferably like a pencil, but like a knife if you prefer. Hold your yarn between thumb and first finger, with the ball end of the yarn taken over the first three fingers and under the fourth.

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Crook fourth finger round yarn to hold it firmly in place, but loosely enough that the yarn can run freely. The tension is obtained by how loosely or tightly the yarn flows through your fingers. If it’s moving too quickly, wrap the yarn around your little finger an extra time to slow the flow of yarn.

Traditional method how to hold your hook and yarn

Alternatively, place the working yarn over your first finger with the yarn under your middle two fingers of your left hand but over your fourth finger, instead holding your work with your thumb and second finger of your left hand.

Alternative method

Using this method, your left hand does most of the work and my right hand stays almost completely still. This may be useful to you if you have restricted use of your right hand, for example.

How to hold your hook and yarn Freddie's method learn to crochet
Alternatively, you can bring the crochet hook over the knuckles of your left hand, like this, if you find that more comfortable.

One-handed method

If you learned to knit before you started to crochet, you may find that the transition from one to the other is a little tricky. If you’re really struggling with the holding methods I’ve shown you so far, this one may work a little better for you.

How to crochet womans weekly one handed method

This time, hold your yarn and hook in your right-hand the same way that you would hold your yarn and right-hand needle when knitting.

Hold the crochet in your left hand between your thumb and first finger. Just remember to bring the yarn around the hook in the opposite direction than you would normally knit, so for crochet from back to front.

Left-handed method

All of the methods I’ve shown you will work as ‘left-handed’ if you change the hand that you are holding the yarn with to the opposite side. Below, we show you the first method listed, reversed.

how to crochet left-handed method hold hook and yarn

Hold your yarn and hook in the right hand, with your hook in the left. Hold your yarn between thumb and first finger, with the ball end of the yarn taken over the first three fingers and under the fourth, just as before.

Now that you’ve mastered how to hold your hook and yarn, you are ready for making a slipknot and chain or even the double crochet stitch.