Meet 'One Man Crochet' Matthew Spiers, the winner of the Christmas tree competition on Kirstie's Handmade Christmas and find out all about what went on behind the scenes

Big-bearded Matthew Spiers won the Christmas tree decorating competition on Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Christmas TV show and, quite appropriately, appeared proudly kitted-out in handmade crocheted clothing. We were very impressed!

Matthew Spiers one man crochet

Matthew Spiers looks as festive as his finished tree. Photo courtesy of Jessica Trent

Men have always been a huge part of the knitting and crochet community through the ages, famously knitting fishnets and Gansey jumpers for trawling expeditions at the turn of the 20th century.

That’s why it’s all the more exciting that the modern man is still at it, promoting the craft as something enjoyable and creative that everyone can enjoy.

We were first introduced to Matthew with his geometric wall-hangings on display at a UKHKA design competition that we were invited to judge in 2014 and have loved keeping up with what he’s been up to since.

Matthew began writing blogs, under the pseudonym ‘One Man Crochet’, on his crochet creations and love of yarn, about 4 years ago.

He quickly discovered a captive audience for his eye-catching use of bright colours and geometric shapes. It’s easy to be fascinated by (his words, not ours) ‘that weird crochet bloke’.

We couldn’t wait to hear all about the competition on Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Christmas programme, so we asked Matthew to tell us all about the experience.

kirstie allsopp homamde home christmas tree competition entry

Matthew Spiers rose to the challenge and created the winning tree

‘When I was first contacted by the TV show to ask if I would like to take part, I had a bit of a dilemma,’ he admits. ‘I knew it could be fun and it was something I’d never done before, but the deadline for filming was coming up fast.

Kirstie's homemade christmas winning crochet tree decorations

Matthew was tasked with decking a tree from top to bottom, no small task

‘With the knowledge that sometimes I can flourish under pressure, I decided to push myself and go for it, with only a fortnight to make enough decorations for a 5ft tree. Two weekends of non-stop crochet followed, including a 15-hour stint on one day.’ Ouch!

Kirsty allsopps homemade christmaschristmas tree competition

Other competitors used a variety of materials including fresh flowers, toys and yarns to decorate their trees

Matthew surprised us by admitting: ‘Perhaps controversially for someone appearing on a Christmas show, I’m not actually a big fan of this time of year. Personally I find that a lot of elements of Christmas highlights our throwaway culture and our reliance on mass-produced items.’

matthew spiers crochet lights christmas tree decorations

The rope light cover gives plain white lights a whole new look

To make his point. Matthew gave a handmade twist to mass-produced baubles and rope lights, covering them in crochet cases with an original and vibrant colourway.

matthew spiers crochet designer christmas tree decorations

Matthew adds the finishing touches to his original tree

‘Never one to follow convention, I also decided to steer clear of using the common Christmassy colour schemes, instead sticking to bright and neon colours that have come to represent my own personal style,’ he explains.

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Frankly we’d expect nothing less from this super-modern crochet designer!

kirsty allsopp homamde christmas judging christmas trees

Competitors eagerly await the judge’s decision with host Kirsty

Matthew was pleased with his finished tree but was still shocked to triumph.

‘I never thought for a second that I would be in with a chance of winning,’ he says, ‘but when our judge Sue Timney (interior and textiles designer) spoke about my crochet tree and declared me the winner, it was clear she appreciated the thinking and design approach behind it.’

matthew spiers talking to kirstie allsopp on kirstie's homamde christmas 2015

Kirstie talks to Matthew about his designs on the show

We agree that she made the right decision. Congratulations, Matthew!

Find out more about Matthew and his crochet on his blog.

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