Our teddy pattern will having you feeling nostalgic in no time


Is your favourite childhood cuddly tucked away somewhere safe at home?

If – like us – you answered yes, you’re not alone.

In a recent survey of a 1000 individuals, 51% of men and 39% of women admitted to clinging on theirs.

On their quest to find Britain’s most loved bear, the online bed retailer Time4Sleep asked participants to share pictures of their toys.

After sifting through over charming 60 snaps, Hayley Atkins’ 49-year-old Teddy was declared as the winner of the contest.

Hayley Atkins' bear

Hayley Atkins has had bear Teddy for 49 years

With his threadbare fabric and slightly stained overalls, it’s clear to see that Hayley’s blue-eyed toy really has been adored.

‘Over the years my mum made him some lovely costumes, including the dungarees he is wearing now,’ says Hayley, 49.

‘In the mid 70s I was an avid Bay City Rollers fan and mum made a lovely ‘Roller’ costume; shortened trousers with the tartan band and tartan stripe, the jacket with more tartan and a tartan scarf!

‘Poor bear, he’s never lived it down!’

Teddy was purchased at Hamleys Toy Shop in central London two weeks before Hayley was adopted by couple Royston and Miriam, now both 91.

Although he’s been packed into Hayley’s suitcase on countless holidays, he now lives on a shelf in her bedroom – away from the reach of her dogs.

Hayley Atkins

Hayley Atkins is the proud owner of Britain’s best-loved teddy bear

If you’ve somehow managed to lose the bear you loved so dearly while growing up, we suggest getting out your needles and knitting a new one using our Patterned Teddy Bear Make Knitting Pattern from our online store.

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Patterned Teddy Bear Make Knitting Pattern