Fit And Flare Womens Jacket Crochet Pattern

Most crochet patterns require very little sewing up.

That said, it’s still important to finish any garments, accessories or home interiors you’ve made with great care. Sloppy work at the final stage could spoil the end result of your otherwise carefully crafted makes.

Sewing crochet projects doesn’t need to be stressful – it can be done using the same stitches you’d use when completing a knitting pattern.

The stitches you can use are back stitch, ladder stitch or mattress stitch.

How to crochet: Sewing crochet together 

You can sew up crochet pieces as you would with knitting. The stitches you can use are back stitch, flat stitch or mattress stitch.

1. Back stitch – Place the two edges of fabric with right sides together, and work seam approximately 5mm in from the edges. Insert needle through the 2 thicknesses of fabric and bring it through two stitches to the left; draw thread through;* take needle back across front of the 2 stitches to the right and insert at the end of the previous stitch worked; bring needle through four stitches to the left; repeat from * to end.

2. Flat seam – Lay the two pieces of fabric side by side, *insert needle into the next edge loop of the first side and draw thread through, then insert needle into the adjacent edge loop of the second side and draw thread through; repeat from * to end, working towards the left.

3. Mattress stitch – * Insert the needle under a stitch on first side and draw thread through, then insert needle under adjacent stitch on second side and draw thread through; draw up thread so that stitches on the main fabric side are touching and the edge stitches sink into the back; repeat from * to end working towards the left.

The advantages of joining crochet, is that you can actually crochet the seams together with a slip stitch or double crochet too.

Slip stitch – With right sides together. Insert hook through both layers of fabric just below the edge and work slip stitch from right to left evenly along the edge of the work slip stitch.

Joining crochet

Double crochet – With right sides together, insert your hook through the first stitch of the front piece and then through its corresponding stitch on the back piece. Draw the yarn through and complete the double crochet stitch.