Have you ever heard of yarn bombing before? When we first saw these pictures here at Woman’s Weekly we thought for a second that a gigantic technicolour dreamcoat had somehow got plastered onto a train. However, this stunning, multicoloured train is actually the latest project of Olek, a Polish-born yarn artist and crochet extraordinaire.

Polish artist covers an entire train in crochet

Olek’s aim was to brighten up the daily commute and over the course of four days, she and a team of crochet-efficient assistants took over a massive locomotive in Lodz, Poland, turning the drab train into a psychedelic street-side attraction. Covering the train in multi-coloured yarn Olek and her team managed to make a train into a real work of art using one of our favourite hobby-techniques. We know crochet is quick but we’re not sure we could crochet a whole train in four days!

Polish artist covers an entire train in crochet


This isn’t the first time Olek has practiced yarn bombing, she’s famous for it! Having covered everything from trees to statues in her signature colourful yarn, Olek has built a reputation as one of the world’s most famous crochet artists.


Her most renowned piece was an entire crocheted apartment where all of the contents, including the residents, were covered in her madly-bright crochet. Her craze has caught on too, with hundreds of people across the world starting to get involved in yarn bombing. Lots of people take on a yarn bombing project to raise money for charity and we think it’s a great idea to spread the amazing results you can get from crochet, if only you put a little thought into it! You can do the same with knitting too, so no excuses from you knitters out there!

Are you inspired by Olek’s work and the art of yarn bombing? If you’d like to have a go at yarn bombing you could organise to cover a tree with your friends to raise money for a charity of your choice. You’d be surprised at how much people will donate to see a knitted or crocheted tree!

What do you think Olek should take on as her next project? A plane maybe? A whole building? Is there anything that you would like to give a crochet makeover? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Polish artist covers an entire train in crochet