Crocodile stitch is a fun way to create a 3D crochet effect and we show you how to do it in our expert guide.

It isn’t a brand new crochet stitch, it’s simply a clever way to create the effect of overlapping feathers, scales or petals using only treble stitches.

That may sound surprising, but it’s true! The trick is in how you position them. Woman’s Weekly crochet expert Freddie Patmore teaches you how to do it in the video below.

How to work crocodile stitch in the round

(Works with a multiple of three stitches.)

1. Work an entire round of trebles: Make 3 chains (ch) (counts as 1 treble (tr)) [1tr in next stitch (st)] to end, slip stitch (slst) in top of the 3ch you made at the beginning of the round.

2. Working from left to right around the posts of trebles from the previous round, [miss 1tr, slst in next tr, rotate work clockwise and work 5tr around the post of the next tr, rotate work clockwise and work 5tr around the post of the following tr] all the way to the end, working last 5tr of final repeat around 3ch from the beginning of the round, slst in slst from the beginning of the round.

how to work around the post of a crochet stitch

Work around the post of the trebles worked on the previous round

These two rounds combined create one row of feathers or scales. Simply repeat these two stages (rounds) to create row upon row of texture.

3. If working in colour stripes like with our owl, you must change yarns before recommencing the first of these two rounds.

A really easy way to change colours is to simply stop before the very last stage of the second round, (before the slst) and cut off your yarn (leaving ends long enough to darn in, a minimum of 10cm (4in).

Work the slip stitch as normal, instead using the new yarn to work this stitch. Leave these ends to darn in later, continue as normal being careful not to pull the ends through as you work the first few stitches.

Large owl crochet pattern WTD063

A wise owl is such fun to crochet

Make the wise decision to crochet this cute, colourful and cuddlesome bird. He’s a cosy character to have as a toy or would make an excellent doorstop if filled with some ceramic beans to add some weight at the base.

Measuring in at 24 cm (9.5in) tall, the owl is worked using aran thickness yarns on a 4mm hook. It’s a great project to use up oddments from your knitting stash.

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