Grey Model Agency's founder Rebecca Valentine tells Woman's Weekly what she looks for in new signings

Frances Dunscombe and Tineka Fox

Frances Dunscombe and Tineka Fox are a mother and daughter duo on the Grey Model Agency books © Martin Gardner

Rebecca Valentine is shaking things up in the fashion and beauty industry in a truly inspiring way.

The ex-photographic agent has founded Grey Model Agency, a company where those on books are all over the age of 35.

‘I feel the market – those people buying products and services – are bored of the same old stereotypes and that advertising is crying out for greater diversity in its portrayal of people, now, in the 21st century,’ says Rebecca.

‘Aspirations stretch beyond youthfulness and flawless skin, to wisdom, experience and a life well lived. We all love to gaze upon beauty and that will never change, but our concept of beauty as we embrace our multi-cultural and wonderfully diverse community is changing to embrace the unconventional.’

The first of its kind in the UK, it’s hardly a surprise to learn that many of Rebecca’s models have already secured a number of high profile jobs.

Frances Dunscombe caught the eye of Rebecca’s talent scouts while visiting Grey Model Agency with her daughter Tineka Fox, 56.

Since signing on to the books, the undeniably elegant 82-year-old has posed for Prada, walked at London Fashion Week and taken part in a glossy shoot for Hunger Magazine.

Wondering if you have what it takes to impress Rebecca as a mature model? Here’s the low-down on what Grey Model Agency team look out for.

‘We reject hundreds of applications every week as it is simply not enough to be 35+, you must also sparkle and have a look that is definitive or unique,’ Rebecca exclusively tells Woman’s Weekly.

‘One that will be remembered or is the embodiment of what we are striving to be – that is always the case with models but with Grey the focus is not on youth but one of advanced style.’

Rebecca’s other tips on starting modelling when you’re older:

  • We are looking for fit, healthy and vibrant women over the age of 65, with good skin, hair and teeth.
  • Think about how you present yourself style-wise.
  • Look through Pinterest boards and fashion blogs to get a sense of what older models are wearing.
  • You must be flexible and open to meeting new people and exploring new ideas.
  • Have a healthy lifestyle, exercise and eat well.
  • Be prepared to attend castings in London, often at short notice.

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Rupert and Beverly

Rupert and Beverly are both signed to Grey Model Agency © Martin Gardner