What beauty products should you take on holiday? Three beauty industry experts tell us what they never leave home without. Here are their holiday beauty essentials.

Make sure you pack the right beauty products for your summer holiday

Skin care Essentials

Caroline Frazer – skincare expert and skincare adviser to Simple.

Skin care products your face

You may find your skin behaves differently in the heat. Moisture-deprived aircraft cabins, hotel air con and holiday heat all dry skin out, while the change from an air-conditioned building to high humidity outside can play havoc, so a good moisturiser is a must.
Try: Simple Kind To Skin Moisture Boost Hydro Mist (£5.99) and Cream (£5.99)

Skin care products for your body

I always pack a body scrub to prepare my skin for the sun; it helps to slough off dead skin cells to encourage an even tan.
Try: The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish ( £5, 0800 092 9090).

Skin care products to stay safe in the sun

Use a good sunscreen — you won’t get away with travel sizes here, as you’ll need to reapply frequently to keep skin well protected. An after-sun cream is essential to rehydrate skin. Use it all over your body after a day in the sun.
Try: Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze SPF30 ( £9) and Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Crème Island Mango (£10.49).

Holiday make up

Claire Hanson – celebrity make-up artist.

Make up for your cheeks

A creamy blusher is softer and works better in the heat than a powder one. You can use it on lips, too.
Try: Maybelline NY Dream Soft Blush ( £6.49) in Peach.

Make up for your eyes

Keep make-up minimal: wear just black waterproof mascara — my favourite is MAC’s Splashproof Lash (8, £14, 0800 054 2999) — with a little waterproof eye colour cream.
Try: Clinique’s Lid Smoothie Antioxidant  8-Hour Eye Colours (£19.50).

Daytime make up

I apply a tinted moisturiser and a hint of creamy blusher and then smooth highlighter cream on brow bones and tops of cheekbones to catch the light. For my eyes, I simply curl my lashes and put on waterproof mascara. I finish with a slick of natural pink lip gloss
Try: Emani Minerals Lip Shine in Social Climber (£12.95, 0800 440 2461).

Holiday hair care

Lisa Shepherd – celebrity hairdresser and hair-colour expert on Channel 4’s 10 Years Younger.

Hair protection

Heat and sun can make coloured hair fade — chlorine build-up, particularly on blonde hair, can do real damage. Prepare for this by packing a sun-care shampoo and conditioner. Always wet your hair beofre going into the pool soit doesn’t absorb as much chlorine.
Try: Clynol Sun Care (£14.95 for a duo-pack of shampoo and conditioner; 01296 314000). .

Hair care conditioning treatments

My other hair care essential is an intensive conditioner treatment, as hair can become brittle and frizzy in high temperatures. Use at least once a week on holiday.
Try: Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Colour (£4.99); Dove Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner (£2.69).