Listen to A Broken Dream podcast, a Woman's Weekly romantic audiobook from 1917 in nine parts

‘I shall never forget my first sight of Longridge Hall. Lying grey and ghostly among the brown autumn woods, its peace engulfed me. Yet now, in spring, I am restless with a longing I cannot name…’

A Broken Dream - vintage podcost audio book

By the end of World War 1, two billion letters and 114 million parcels had been delivered to the troops from home (c) iStock

A Broken Dream: Part 1

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It is World War 1 and Julian Power, Lord Brandon, only son and heir of Lord Retford, has been invalided out of the army. His sister, Lady Cecily, feels the best thing to do is marry him to her wealthy friend, Diana de Freyne.

A Broken Dream: Part 2

The way Julian walks so sure-footedly through Longridge’s water meadows and hidden byways, it is as if he knows it of old. Yet he is a stranger here, and the wonder of it makes me love him all the more!

A Broken Dream: Part 3

Inside Julian’s badly shaken brain, he clung to the memory of those calm, grey eyes that had looked into his with the purest and dearest love that man could ever have known.

A Broken Dream Podcast: Part 4

Since tragedy touched me, I have grown and strengthened. It is I who comfort the others and bury my own feelings in the my desolate heart. But, oh, that Julian would come and find me…

A Broken Dream Podcast: Part 5

The whole world seemed to rush away from me as I held the strange girl’s ring in my hand, and realised that it was really mine. But then the awful truth dawned…

A Broken Dream Podcast: Part 6

I shall never again sit in Jennifer’s window and watch the feel of the wind on the woods, or the sunset over the rim of the hills. That Jennifer Dearden is done with…

A Broken Dream Podcast: Part 7

Even if he got to the station in time, Julian couldn’t break his engagement to Diana on a railway platform. And he had told Jennifer-of-the-trusting-eyes that he would be back by noon! Would she still trust him when he came back?

A Broken Dream Podcast: Part 8

Diana de Freyne’s hand – the same hand that Julian must have kissed so many times – was being gripped by a handsome young man. “Oh Julian,” my heart cried, “it was all for this – all for this wretched little flirt!”

A Broken Dream Podcast: Part 9

Instinct does not err, but reason often goes wrong. The full light of a raw autumn day found Julian wandering the trackless moors, with all sense of direction lost, strumbling ever further from his beloved Jennifer…