Our enchanting children’s fiction series, The Robin Family, brought to you as an audiobook collection recorded by our Woman's Weekly team

We’ve gathered together 20 classic tales into 5 mini audiobooks – Woodland Friends, Christmas, New Year, School and Snow.

Each contains four stories for you to listen to at your leisure. So pop the kettle on and take a seat as we whisk you away to Tree Stump House nestled in the Woodlands, where our little Robin Family resides.

The Robin Family: Woodland Friends

In Woodland Friends, listen to the tales of Rowena’s Snowbird, Wilberforce Weasel To The Rescue, A Little Help and Fun And Games, and hear how the neighbours and families of the woods lend one another a hand and the children frolic about and have fun in the snow.

The Robin Family: Christmas

In the Christmas series, we bring you yuletide favourites The Holly And The Ivy, Busy Christmas Shoppers, A Very Happy Christmas and Where Is The Snow? This is the perfect audiobook to get you into the festive mood with carols, presents and a white Christmas too!

The Robin Family: New Year

Welcome in the New Year with A Brand New Year, Off To The Sales, Rosemary’s Dream and First Footing. Enjoy the exciting celebrations and adventures The Robin Family and friends embark on once January arrives.

The Robin Family: School

The little robins and friends head Back To School in this schooltime series, followed by Winter Visitors, Rowena’s Reindeer and Snowed In. Join teachers Miss Thrush, Miss Owl and Mr Rook as they happily tutor the woodlanders through the school year.

The Robin Family: Snow

The first flurries of Snow fill the Woodland in this series with Come And Look, The Giant Snowball Comp, Portraits In The Snow and The Best Place To Be. As a thick blanket of sparkling white falls over the Woodlands, the woodlanders laugh and make merry playing snowballs in the snow.

All about The Robin Family

The Robins were created by gifted writer and illustrator Mrs Franke Rogers and first appeared in the magazine on 9 November 1940. Readers were introduced to Mr Robin, his wife, Rebecca, and their children, Roland (Roley for short) and Rosemary, who all lived at Tree Stump House in the Woodlands.

Other well-loved feathery characters included Rebecca’s sister Rosabelle and her family – husband Robbie and children Richard and Rowena. In time they were joined by a host of alliteration-rich minor characters – Miss Olivia Owl, Thelma Thrush, Reginald Rook, Jack Daw, Mollie and Morris Mouse, Sam and Sally Sparrow and Freddie Frog.

Mrs Rogers died in 1967, and the job of writing the tales was taken up by a former Woman’s Weekly sub-editor, Dorothy Baldock, using the original illustrations created by her predecessor. Incredibly, Dorothy has been writing them ever since!

The Robins now reside in the Woman’s Weekly Fiction Specials where their tales continue to be enjoyed by new generations of young readers.