Do you have clay soil in your garden? If so it is essential you take the time to find plants that will thrive in this environment, as this will give them the best chance for success.

Clay is a heavy soil because the particles that make it up are very small and stick together – this means that roots find it difficult to get down and often rot in winter. One thing you can do in the winter is apply a mulch of fine grit, well-rotted horse manure and compost – mixing this well will make it easier to spread. This will help, however it is important to pick your plants according to your soil – so, we have come up with a selection of the best plants for clay soil

Choosing the best plants for clay soil made easy

Verbascum ‘Southern Charm’


Coming in a range of soft pastel colours, the Verbascum is a wonderful addition to any garden.

GeumBlazing Sunset’

Blazing sunset

How could you not want this beautiful flower in your garden? Having clay soil in your garden doesn’t have to hold you back from creating a wonderful display, and the Geum is a great place to start.



The foxglove, also known as the Digitalis, comes in about 20 different species and colours. Easy to grow and a reliable favourite, the foxglove is a definite winner!


Geranium nimbus

This striking flower will add variety to your garden – we love the intricate detail on the petals!



The Orlaya is a pure white flower and will be a real eye-catched in your garden.



What’s not to love about the beautiful rose? With so many varieties available, you can make your garden look great.

Other plants that work well in clay soil include: Alchemilla, Kniphofia, Solidago, Peony, Zinnia, Holly, Sunflower, Bergamot, Aconitum, Stachys, Lysimachia, Weigela, Mahonia, Hydrangea, Day Lily Sisyrinchium, Hypericum, Astrantia, Allium, Aster, Hellebore and Rudbeckia.

*Please note these plant suggestions come from Pauline and Brian Clark who featured in the Summer 2013 issue of Gardening by Woman’s Weekly*