August is a month to enjoy your gardenmuch like July – all the hard work that you have put in throughout the year is really paying off now. Get out in the garden in August and harvest, harvest, harvest – your vegetable garden will be swimming with treats for you to pick and use in the kitchen! Your flowers will be giving off gorgeous scents and bright colours will be flooding your garden all throughout this month.

There is, however, still plenty of work to be done. You must be sure to keep an eye on the weather – if it gets very warm your garden will need some extra care and attention. Dead-heading is still a major point on your to-do list. Your lawn may start to dry out and, your borders will need to be preened – so, don’t set up in the sun lounger for too long!

Read on to find the key things that you should be doing in your garden in August…

What to do in the garden in August

Top tips for what to do in your garden in August…

Harvest time – it’s time to enjoy your delicious fruit and vegetables! There will be plenty to pick – peas, runner beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, beetroot and many more. Healthy eating will be easy this month – and by picking regularly, you will help encourage the plant to keep producing more.

– Remember when harvesting your potatoes that you must find all of them – even those tiny little ones that may be quite deep down. Making sure you get them all out of the ground will make for better produce next year.

– August can be a very warm month (if we are lucky enough to have a nice summer!) So if you’re going away on holiday make sure you move any pots and baskets to a shadier area. This will help reduce water loss and give the plants a better chance of surviving this warm weather.

– And, when you’re not on your holidays you’ll need to water your pots, baskets and containers thoroughly once a day. It’s always a good idea to wait to water them in the evening, as it will be a little cooler.

Plant pot - Thompson and Morgan

– Your lawn may be looking sorry for itself  in August, so don’t panic if a little brown can be seen. It’s natural that lawn growth will slow down as the summer continues, so lifting the height of your lawn mower will help.

– If you are thinking of changing the design of your garden next year, then you have to start thinking about it now. Spend time thinking about a new design, take lots of pictures – and consider ordering some new bulbs now.

Dead-heading – yes, more dead-heading! Although it may seem like a laborious task, dead-heading is so important to help give plants the chance to flower again. If you set aside a little time each day to whip round and grab any dead-heads you’ll keep on top of it with ease.

Greenhouse light – when the days are warm ensure that you are opening the door of your greenhouse to give the plants some fresh air. Water them daily and damp it down on hot days to increase humidity. If the weather begins to cool a little towards the end of the month, then you can consider removing the shading on your greenhouse. Once you remove the shading/glass paint, give the glass a clean to make sure that light levels are used to their full potential as the days get shorter.

Prepare for next season by keeping spring shrubs like Camellias and Rhododendrons watered, regularly. These shrubs will be starting to develop their buds for next season and if they don’t get enough water now the buds could drop off before they open and flower.

– Get rid of suckers! Make sure you remove any suckers (growths appearing around the base) from trees and shrubs, especially those growing on grafted forms, in pots or in the garden beds. It’s best to remove them by pulling at their base, rather than cutting – this makes them less likely to return.

– Do you have a pond in your garden? Now is the time to protect it by putting a net over it – this will stop any autumn leaves falling in. Ensure that the netting is fitted securely to avoid damaging any plants, and, remember that the net should be big enough to let wildlife escape.

Gardens galore – prepare to be inspired…

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