A boggy area in the garden provides an excellent wildlife habitat and introduces a whole new palette of moisture-loving plants. A bog garden is suitable for sites including a redundant or leaking pond or a naturally waterlogged dip in the garden. If you’re thinking of making a bog garden then a liner and porous pipe make it a lot easier to establish and maintain.

Follow our instructions below on how to make a bog garden and get started on your very own right away…

How to make a bog garden

How to make a bog garden

1. First you must choose your site – you are best to choose an area which has some shade during the day. Once you’ve chosen the area, mark it out with sand or string

2. Then dig a 50cm (20in) deep hole and line with a butyl pond liner, secure this with bricks.

3. Pierce the liner at 75cm (30in) intervals with a garden fork.

4. Lay a leaky hosepipe in the liner, connecting the other to a water supply with tap timer.

5. Cover the hosepipe and bottom of the liner with gravel before backfilling with excavated soil.

6. Once the soil has settled, plant moisture-loving plants such as rheums, gunneras, candelabra primulas, irises, rodgersias, houttuynias, umbrella plants, rushes, hostas, astilbes, cimicifuga, dogwoods and arum lilies.

7. Make sure that you check regularly that the soil is staying moist – adjust the irrigation as needs be.

And there you have it, how to make your very own bog garden. Get started right away!

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