Gardening in January may take up less of your time than it does in other months, but whether it is pruning, protecting plants from the weather, or sowing seeds, there are always jobs to be done. With our top tips you’ll know exactly what to do in the garden in January, when the weather allows!

Now that the festive season has been and gone, it’s time to get stuck into the new year and there’s nothing more refreshing than heading out into your garden and getting some jobs ticked off the list. So, get your coats and gloves at the ready and read on to find out the key things you need to be doing in your garden in January

Image from Wikimedia Commons - Author: Antonio Borrillo

Top tips for what to do in your garden in January…

– If you had a real Christmas tree in December then there are lots of ways to reuse it when the festive season is over. Your local authorities or garden centres will have information on recycling schemes where your tree will be put through and chipper and used locally used on woodlands or in parks. If space in your garden allows, there is also the option of replanting your tree for next year – remember only live trees will survive, so make sure the root ball is still intact. Once replanted you can nurture it and reuse it again next year.

Image from Wikimedia Commons - Author: Mussklprozz

– Use a broom or pressure washer to get rid of slippy patches on patios and decking.

– In your vegetable garden you’ll find that parsnips and leeks will be ready to harvest – and make some warming soup with! You can even start growing some potatoes under cover, or in the greenhouse, for an early crop.

– You’ll be busy pruning this month, as your rose bushes can be pruned whilst they are dormant, as can apple and pear trees.

– Any flowering perennials should be cut down to ground level.

– Your garden will need some general tidying attention this month – there are likely to be many leaves fallen and you should spend the time to clear these away as snails and slugs can use these as protection. Put all the raked up leaves in a bin to rot down.

– If you’ve recently planted some new trees then check the stakes to make sure that any bad weather, or wind, hasn’t loosened the soil around the rootball.

– January is the perfect time to reconsider the design of your garden (from the warmth of your own home!). If you would like to make some changes to the layout, put aside some time this month to think about what changes you could make to achieve the best garden you can this year. Draw a rough sketch of your plot and how it looks now – then try planning small, achievable changes. You could consider planting some new flower beds, or creating/extending a vegetable plot.

– Whilst you’re cosy indoors, it’s also a great time to create a crop rotation plan for your vegetables. Ensuring that the same veg don’t grow in the same place year on year will prevent disease build-up.

– When it’s very cold and frozen, protect your grass by avoiding walking on it.